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BTL was established in 1979 by initiative of the three actual owners.

The Company beggin its activity with the denomination Bastos, Tavares e Lopes, Lda., with labouring in one rented pavillion, dedicated to the fabrication of boiler products of small dimension (vessels, tanks, reservoir, etc.). In that time have as main works its three owners, that over and above the production, assure also the tasks of management. In spite of the work conditions initially beeing a little precarious, rapidly the Company attained be implanted on the segment of small investors, with the adoption of some equipments and raw materials necessary to its functioning.

Due to the dynamism of the owners and theirs knowledge of the sector, the Company rapidly acquire implantation on the market, starting inclusive to be requested for the performance of works, for which aren't technically equipped. Such facts conducted the owners to ponder new investments, constructing in 1982 new facilities.

After a period of crisis between 1982 and 1986, BTL achieved solve all of its compromises that has assumed related with the project of investment, resulted of the market stability and of the economic development.

Amplify its business areas for the industries Food, Enviroment, Chemical, Petrolíferous, Pharmaceutic, Extractive, etc., as well as its activity areas, increasing the work and administrative facilities.

In December of 1990, suffer the biggest restructuration with the passage to Incorporated Company with joint stock of 175.000.000$00 (872.896,32 €), changing the denomination for BTL - Indústrias Metalúrgicas, S.A..

So as to answer efficaciously to the necessities of the market, were done new investments in 1998, with the increasing of facilities and acquisition of new equipments and machines.

In 2000 the Company, with the intention of embracing and dominate a market more wide and protect its own know-how, acquire partnership in companie of several areas (industrial automation, weighing, mounting, etc.).
In 2003 increased the joint stock for 875.000,00 €

Nowadays detains a significative part of the market, the principal factor for its success is the experiencie accumulated, result of the developments and investigations that have made close to their customers, that allows offer the most various solutions and a wide range of products. For that, BTL-Indústrias Metalurgicas, S.A. are endowed with modern substructure and with potential means, determined carefully on the constant improvement of the Quality.