Tech4 T-RTM - Advanced Technologies Solutions for T-RTM

Project description

The Tech4 T-RTM project aims to develop a production system for structural components in thermoplastic based composite material, based on an emerging liquid thermoplastic materials (T-RTM) molding technology, promoting sustainability, recyclability and energy efficiency.


27th January 2021

Manuel Tavares in an interview with País Económico magazine

Manuel Tavares was featured in the 208 edition of País Económico magazine, where he highlighted the knowledge acquired from BTL – Indústrias Metalúrgicas, S.A., the experience in Biotechnology and Nanotechnology areas, and participation in research and development projects and growth projects that include the creation of an Academy in partnership with prestigious higher education entities.

February 2020

Manuel Tavares interview to Azeméis TV

Manuel Tavares, BTL administrator and vice president of AECOA was interviewed by Azeméis TV during the closing conference of the “Qualifica Plus” project.

26th February 2020

Interview on Brazilian program “Argumento”

Manuel Tavares interview to the Brazilian channel RBA during his visit to the state of Pará.

18th November 2019

Ultra Preparation Cork Project


23th May 2018

Distillation column

Distillation column with about 131 ft long and weighing 50 tons.

7th December 2016

Certificate of Recognition

Award granted, on 7th November 2016, by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CONTINENTAL - MABOR, Eng. Pedro Carreira at the end of the Inauguration of the exhibition “Percurso da CONTINENTAL por Terras Famalicences”, from November 2016 to January 2017.

7th November 2016
btl continental mabor

Investment project

Investments in computer tools for information management and in the implementation of a quality management system based on the ASME standard in order to qualify the company, providing its competitiveness and increasing its capacity to respond to the global market.


6th December 2016
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